Core Library Sampling

Drillhole samples obtained from company and departmental petroleum, stratigraphic and mineral exploration in South Australia are stored at the PIRSA Core Library — currently just under 3 000 000 m of core and cuttings from 24 000 drillholes. The Core Library is located at 23 Conyngham Street, Glenside SA 5063.

Viewing facilities are world class — the core layout area is fully enclosed with special lighting. All open file samples are available for inspection and in most cases sampling is permitted. Forty-eight hours notice for a layout is required and there is no charge for viewing and sampling.

This form, Request to inspect drillhole samples, is required to organise a core layout and approval is needed to remove samples.

Results of core analyses and sample residues must be submitted to the Department of State Development within a six-month time frame after sample removal.

Contact David Groom, Operations Manager Drill Core Storage Facility, phone 08 8379 9574, fax 08 8338 1925, email David Groom