Annual Reports

Under Section 33 of the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000, Licensees are required to submit Annual Reports detailing activities undertaken within each licence area during the respective licence year, as well as the activities proposed for the ensuing licence year.  An important part of this reporting is to ensure that each Licensee regularly reviews, assesses and reports on their performance and compliance with the Act and relevant environmental objectives.

Company annual reports are submitted to the Department of State Development within two months of the end of each licence year.

Note that all annual reports posted on this register have been reviewed by the Department of State Development for compliance with Regulation 33 of the Petroleum & Geothermal Energy Act, and any required follow-up action has been taken.

Annual reports that have been submitted and are under review for compliance with the Act are noted.  For information regarding these reports, please email


Geothermal Exploration and Retention Licences

A map of the regions that geothermal annual reports are grouped intoTo browse available company annual reports for Geothermal Exploration Licences (GELs) and Geothermal Retention Licences (GRLs), please select the appropriate exploration region as listed below.

Expired Licences

To browse available company annual reports for licences that have expired, please view the Expired Licences.

Petroleum Licences

Company annual reports for petroleum licences can be found on the Annual Reports - Petroleum.

Assistance with Annual Report Compilation

The following template has been provided by the Department of State Development to assist companies in the preparation of annual reports.  The checklist provided ais based on Regulation 33, and can be downloaded and used by licensees as a guide to preparing such reports.