National Conferences (AGEC)

2009 Australian Geothermal Energy Conference, 10 - 13 November 2009, Brisbane

Proceedings of the 2009 Australian Geothermal Energy Conference


  • The Portable Electronic Divided Bar (PEDB): a Tool for Measuring Thermal Conductivity of Rock Samples by A.M. Antriasian
  • Modelling in Geothermal Exploration by G. R. Beardsmore
  • A Geothermal Play Systems approach for exploration by A.R.Budd, A.C. Barnicoat, B.F. Ayling, E.J. Gerner, A.J. Meixner and A.M.Kirkby
  • What target to drill? Geothermal Pre-Drill Play Evaluation (PDPE): Understanding the nexus between project risk and value by G.T. Cooper, G.R. Beardsmore and L. Mortimer
  • The 3D Basement and Thermal Structure of the Gunnedah Basin by C.R.Danis and C. O'Neill
  • Understanding Risks and Uncertainties in Geothermal Modelling:  Constraining Thermal Conductivity Models by J.E. Davey, J.C. Preston and J.T.Keetley
  • The Penola Project – Australia’s First Hot Sedimentary Aquifer Development by L. de Graaf,  R. Palmer and I.Reid
  • Water Requirements in Deep Geothermal Systems  by J.P. Driscoll
  • Approaches for identifying geothermal energy resources in coastal Queensland by M. Fitzell, S. Hamilton, J. Beeston, L. Cranfield, K. Nelson, C. Xavier and P. Green
  • Remote sensing of heat: A Review of potentially useful methods and instruments in the quest for innovative exploration approaches by D. Fitzgerald
  • Practical aspects of 3D temperature and heat flow modeling for exploration of EGS energy plays by H.J. Gibson, K. Stüwe, R. Seikel and D. FitzGerald
  • Exploring Eastern Tasmania: A Novel Geothermal Province by F.L. Holgate, H.K.H. Goh, G. Wheller and R.J.G.Lewis
  • Assessment of Otway Basin Hot Sedimentary Aquifer systems for geothermal and water uses by C. Jorand, A. Krassay, L. Hall, S. Hostetler and T. Loutit
  • Multiuse-use ‘triple play’ hot sedimentary aquifer (HSA) potential of Victoria, Australia by R. King and M. Miller
  • Progress at the Paralana EGS Project in South Australia by J.P. King, P.W. Reid and B. Bendall
  • Geothermal Energy in the Perth Basin by A. Larking and G. Meyer
  • Geothermal Energy Prospectivity of the Torrens Hinge Zone: Evidence from New Heat Flow Data by C. Matthews and B. Godsmark
  • Establishing Hot Rock Exploration Models: From Synthetic Thermal Modelling to the Cooper Basin 3D Geological Map by T. Meixner, S. Johnston, A. Kirby, H. Gibson, R. Seikel, K. Stüwe, D. Fitzgerald, N. Horspool, R. Lane and A. Budd
  • Hydro-Mechanical Selection Criteria of Engineered Geothermal Systems by L. Mortimer
  • Thermal thinking: optimal targeting for Australian geothermal explorers by A. Musson, B.  Harrison, K. Gordon, S. Wright and M. Sandiford
  • Overview of Geothermal Resources and Exploration Activity in Victoria by D.H. Taylor and B.C. Harrison
  • Mineralogy and Petrology of the Cooper Basin Basement Granites by J.A.B. Van Zyl, I.T. Uysal and M. Gasparon
  • Concept of an Integrated Workflow for Geothermal Exploration in Hot Sedimentary Aquifers by J.F. Wellmann, F.G. Horowitz and K. Regenauer-Lieb
Legislation Policy Infrastructure

  • Radiation associated with Hot Rock geothermal power by D.L. Battye and P.J. Ashman
  • Bringing large scale geothermal electricity to the National Grid by T.R. Butler, S. Tissai-Krishna and A.B. Morton
  • Alternative Energy Carriers for Remote Geothermal Sources by R.R. Dickinson, D. Battye, V. Linton, P. Ashamn and G. Nathan
  • What Contribution Can Geothermal Energy Make to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target by C.W. Froome
  • Levelised Unit Cost – A Calculation and Reporting methodology by A. Knights
  • Skills Issues and Training in the Geothermal Industry A New Zealand perspective by J. Newson and J. Brotheridge
  • Power loss evaluations for long distance transmission lines by M.H. Nguyen and T.K. Saha
  • The Western Australian Geothermal Centre of Excellence  by K. Regenauer-Lieb et al.
  • The development, launch and implementation of the Australian Geothermal Reporting Code and current developments by M. Ward et al.
Low Temperature and Direct Use

  • Low and Moderate Enthalpy Geothermal Resources to Desalinate Sea Water and Electricity Production by H. Gutiérrez and S. Espíndola
  • Direct GeoExchange Cooling for the Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder by D.J.B. Payne, G. Hampson, D. Kiraly and E. Davis
  • Geothermal extraction from porous rocks - revisited  by M. Swift and J. Muhlhaus

  • The Feasibility of a Nocturnal Radiative Heat Dissipation System for Remote Geothermal Applications by J.S. Brimblecombe and T.J. Vos
  • Low Temperature Difference Electricity Generation Using ORC by Dr. M. Bryson, S. St Hill, V. Joshi and C. Dixon
  • Seasonal Storage of Air Cooled Water for Arid Zone Geothermal Power Plants by R. Collins
  • Feasibility Assessment of Underground Cooling for Geothermal Power Cycles by B. Dally, G. Nathan, S. Watson, A. Heath and C. Howard
  • Dry Cooling Technology in Chinese Thermal Power Plants by Z. Guan and H. Gurgenci
  • How to Increase Geothermal Power Conversion Efficiencies by H. Gurgenci
  • An Overview of GRANEX Technology for Geothermal Power Generation and Waste Heat Recovery by B. Moghtaderi and E. Doroodchi
  • PureCycle® Product Development and Applications Update by C. Morgan and S. Byers
  • Natural Draft Dry Cooling Tower by C. Murray
  • Comparing the Tube Fin Heat Exchangers to Metal Foam Heat Exchangers for Geothermal Applications by M. Odabaee, K. Hooman and H. Gurgenci
  • Assessment of Current Costs of Geothermal Power Generation in New Zealand (2007 Basis) by P. Quinlivan
  • Analysis of Reinjection Tests in a Bedrock Geothermal Reservoir, Tianjin, China by Zhu Jialing and Wang Kun

Underground Science and Technology

  • Exergetic performance and power conversion of a CO² thermosiphon by A.D. Atrens, H. Gurgenci and V Rudolph
  • Radiation associated with Hot Rock geothermal power by D.L. Battyr and P.J. Ashman
  • Silica deposition in Enhanced Geothermal Systems by D.S. Bhuana, P.J. Ashman and G.J. Nathan
  • Aims of a Basic EGS Model for the Cooper Basin, Australia by D.B. Chan and G. Wong
  • Analysis of error sources for estimating geothermal stabilised formation temperatures using analytical and rigorous methods by O.M. Espinoza-Ojeda, E. Santoyo, and J. Andaverde
  • Field experiments for studying CO2 mineral trap at high temperature at Ogachi, Japan by Hideshi Kaieda et a
  • A Preliminary Study on Fluid-Rock Interactions of the Hot Fractured Rock Geothermal System in Cooper Basin, South Australia by G.B. Kuncoro, Y. Ngothai, B. O’Neill, A. Pring and J. Brugger
  • The End Point of Geothermal Developments:  Modelling Depletion of Geothermal Resources by A.W. Clotworthy and G. Ussher
  • EGS & "The Law of Averages" by P. Leary and P. Malin
  • Summary of AGEG Technical Interest Groups Research Projects by A. Long B.A. Goldstein, A.J. Hill and M. Malavazos
  • Geothermal Applications:  Development of new state of the art drilling rigs for geothermal use by A. Lukas, T. Steinbrecher and J. Uhde
  • Power Generation Potential of SC-CO2 Thermosiphon for Engineered Geothermal Systems by A.I. Remoroza, E. Doroodchi and B. Moghtaderi
  • Modelling Reservoir Behaviour during Stimulation Tests at Habanero #1 by B. Shen
  • Magnetotelluric Monitoring Of Geothermal Fluid Flow by S. Thiel, J. Peacock, G. Heinson and L. McAllister
  • Completion of Habanero Closed-loop Circulation Test by D. Wyborn
  • Enhanced Geothermal Reservoir Simulation by H. Xing, J. Zhang, Y Liu and H. Mulhaus
  • Fracture Simulation for Deep Crystalline Rock by C. Xu and P.A. Dowd
  • Habanero Tracer Tests in the Cooper Basin, Australia: Key Results for EGS Development by N. Yanagisawa, P. Rose and D. Wyborn
  • Two Basic Problems for Hot Dry Rock Reservoir Stimulation and Production by X. Zhang, R. Jeffrey and B. Wu

Company Overviews

  • Clean Energy Australasia
  • Callabonna Energy Pty Ltd - Geothermal IM Investor Presentation
  • Deep Energy - Lake Frome: Arrowie Basin
  • Geothermal Resources - South Australian Projects, From Pegging to Development
  • Greenearth Energy Ltd - Geelong Geothermal Power Project
  • Gullewa Geothermal
  • Hot Rock Ltd - Geothermal exploration is hotting up.
  • KUTh Energy Ltd - Laying the platform for growth
  • Near Surface Geothermal Energy Ltd
  • Panax Geothermal
  • Petratherm - Clean Energy for Future Generations

2008 Australian Geothermal Energy Conference, 4 September 2008

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