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Success of Geothermal Wells: A Global Study (external site)
International Finance Corporation (IFC), June 2013

New Book series: Sustainable Energy Developments. The first volume is Volume 1 Global Cooling: Strategies for Climate Protection.
Series Editor Jochen Bundschuh.
For more information on the Sustainable Energy Developments book series, visit: (external link)

Presentation by Dr Norio Yanagisawa from AIST, Japan, to the Colorado School of Mines titled the Geothermal Development Status in Japan. (.PDF 1 MB)

Press Release (May 4, 2011) - New International Geothermal Business Coalition

Hot Rocks Downunder – Evolution of a New Industry, presented on the behalf of the AGEG at the Geothermal Resource Council conference, 6th Oct 2009

Status of Geothermal Exploration and Research in Australia
Goldstein, B.A., A.J.Hill, A.R.Budd and M.Malavazos, 2008.  Geothermal Resources Council Transactions, Vol. 32, pp 79-86.

Pre-Competitive Geoscience for Geotehrmal Exploration and Development in Australia: Geocience Australia’s Onshore Energy Security Program and the Geotehrmal Energy Project.
Budd, A.R., F.L.Holgate, E.Gerner and B.A.Ayling, 2008. Geothermal Resources Council Transactions, Vol. 32, pp 347-350.

Hot Rock Energy Projects - Australian Context, October 2008
(Authors: Goldstein, Hill, Budd, Holgate, Malavazos and Coda).
Paper presented at the 2008 SPE International Thermal Operations and Heavy Oil Symposium held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 20–23 October 2008. 


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The International Partnership for Geothermal Technology
The International Partnership for Geothermal Technology charter agreement was signed on August 28, 2008 in Iceland, by representatives from the inaugural member countries Australia, Iceland and the United States of America. The purpose of the IPGT is to accelerate the development of geothermal technology through international cooperation. (external site)

Presentation by Barry Goldstein to Citi Energy 2020 Conference  11 - 12 June 2008

Presentation to Funds Managers, Citigroup’s Austin Friars Office, London, 14th April 2008

AGEG Submission to the Garnaut Inquiry 4 April 2008

MP HHPG Abstract to the Sixth Hutton Symposium