Calendar of Events

2013 Geothermal Calendar of Events

7-9 February Howrah (new Kolkata), India International Conference on Energy Resources & Technologies for Sustainable Development


11-13 February
Stanford, USA 38th Stanford Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
28 February-1 March Offenburg, Germany  GeoTHERM- Expo and Congress
5-8 March  Reykjavik, Iceland Iceland Geothermal Conference  
12-14 March  Dallas, USA SMU Geothermal Energy Utilization Associated with Oil & Gas Development
17-21 March  Orlando, Florida  NACE Corrosion 2013- Symposium of Task Group TEG 182X Corrosion and Scaling in Geothermal Systems   
March   Beijing, China  2nd International Conference on Effective Development and Utilization of Geothermal Energy in Deep Formations  
16-17 April Nairobi, Kenya GeoPower Africa
4-5 June Jakarta, Indonesia  GeoPower Indonesia & Philippines
3-6 June  Frankfurt, Germany The 3rd ICEPE (International Congress on Energy Process Engineering) 
3-7 June Pisa, Italy  European Geothermal Congress 2013  EGC2013 
4-6 June  Vienna, Austria Renewable Energy World Europe Expo and Congress
24-29 June  Mainz, Germany 3rd European Geothermal Energy Review   
14-18 July Murdoch University, Western Australia World Renewable Energy Congress- Australia 2013 WREC2013 
  Philippines 10th Asian Geothermal Symposium (AGS)  
13-17 October Daegu, Korea 22nd World Energy Congress WEC2013